About me

Hi. I am Rafał Łasocha, and I am Ruby developer at Arkency. Currently, I am also a student of Computer Science on University of Wrocław.

You can find me in the internet, mostly my nickname is 'swistak35'. Few ways to contact me are also listed below:

  • E-mail: rafal // lasocha.net
  • Jabber/XMPP: swistak35@jabbim.pl
  • Skype: swistak_35


Static analysis for ruby, started as MSc thesis project. [Learn more]
During studies
  • simple lisp-like language with type-inference supporting let-polymorphism [link]
  • a note about sharding in MySQL [pdf] [source]
  • participation in project maintaining zapisy.ii.uni.wroc.pl (mostly infrastructure part)
  • participation in Hack4Culture 2016 hackathon, winner of sponsor prize
  • project for Neural Networks course trying to categorize events using machine learning [link]
  • simulating and benchmarking different CPU cache algorithms [link]
  • compression algorithm, in idea similar to bzip, with benchmarks and all [link]
  • game in Elm written to experiment with reactive programming [link]
  • Featherweight Java interpreter. Around ~350 lines including examples [link]
  • few simple network tools reimplemented: traceroute and http web server
  • interpreter of While, in OCaml [link]
High school
  • Exoloteria - project to make lotteries on private WoW servers [link]
  • TucoTuco - A program in Ruby and GTK to learn foreign languages [link]
  • Frog in the Fog - Spaceshooter-like game written in Ruby and Gosu [link]
  • Chinchilla - Collaborative Whiteboard app, written in Ruby and Qt4 communicating via TCP [link]
  • Marmot - My old homepage, one of the first Rails apps I've deployed somewhere [link]

Talks / presentations

During studies
  • Mutation testing - ?? - Software Engineering seminar at II UWr [presentation]
  • Haskell compiler / Spineless Tagless G-Machine - 28.01.2016 - Implementing functional languages seminar at II UWr [presentation]
  • Security - 7.12.2015 - Operating Systems seminar at II UWr [presentation]
  • What's new in PostgreSQL - 26.11.2015 - "What's new in databases?" seminar at II UWr [presentation]
  • Security elementals - 9.11.2015 - Operating Systems seminar at II UWr [presentation]
  • GADT, existential types and rank-n-types - 25.03.2015 - Advanced Functional Programming seminar at II UWr [presentation]
  • Error correction - 28.01.2014 - Computer Architecture seminar at II UWr [presentation]
  • Virtual Memory - 26.11.2014 - Computer Architecture seminar at II UWr [presentation]
  • A Core Calculus for Scala Type Checking - 11.06.2014 - Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages seminar at II UWr [presentation]
  • Class-based languages - 5.03.2014 - Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages seminar at II UWr [presentation]
High school